Get a juicer.

- Persimmons
- Carrot
- Tomato
- Beet
- Celery
- Apple

Juicer is not the same as a blender. Juicer separates the solids like some of the fiber. That being said, you don't want to rely on vegetable juice for your only source of veggies because its only part of the goodness!


Stay Consistent

It's challenging to stay consistent in eating well/'healthy' especially during school!

I try to think of my meals as a relaxing break.
I enjoy my food as I read/listen to music/share laughs with my girls.
Don't let food be a point of stress or frustration - let it bring you mental and physical nutrition and happiness!

Pictured: Water, homemade dressing, salad (lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers), toasted naan bread. 

Also - Loved David and Goliath! I must admit many of the historical references challenged me, but I took it as an opportunity to learn, so I was constantly referring to secondary resources. ... The book just really inspired and educated me so I recommend this to anyone, but especially my fellow creatives.

On Valentine's Day...

I'll be studying design history...

Victor Horta: Hotel Eetvelde, Brussels, 1897

Glazed roof, iron supports, brightly lit, volume


How I lost 10lbs / How you can too

Quick background info on me:
Known to eat a lot, but a physically active person. Since university, diet stayed the same while lifestyle became sedentary (sat on my ass for hours) so naturally I began to gain weight. I just decided I didn't want such a body, so I pushed myself to change.

August 2013: Weight: 129 lbs. Waist: 27.5" Thighs: 21.5"
December 2013: 117.8 lbs. Waist: 26.2" Thighs: 20"
Duration for losing 10 lbs and 1" off waist, thigh arpx. 3 months

So since late November I reached my goal of losing 10 lbs. and I've maintained my 117.8 for a good month. My new goal is to lose a few more to be at a weight of 114lbs. and improve my strength and endurance.Will update soon! 
< August 2013 

1. Set goals. Know what you want, what it takes to achieve them. Think long term. Ease yourself into a new lifestyle; not a temporary crash.

2. Have patience. Results won't be quick, but they will happen. You and people around you will slowly 
notice. My friends will tell you how every other week I'd say, "I lost 1 pound!" or how they randomly noticed the subtle changes. 

3. Be aware of your body's changes. Good and bad. Measure yourself with a tape. Weigh yourself naked AM/PM. You should slowly noticed your stats decreasing. But if you notice you've gained - make adjustments to your diet, exercise. 

4. Drink water and tea only. No exceptions. Why you should drink more water here. 

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Snack on them, juice them, steam them, bbq them, bake them...

Examples of what I eat. (Clockwise)
Tortilla with avocado, cherry tomatoes, sriracha, seasame seeds.
Korean dumpling soup, kimchi.
Kimchi, baked sweet potato.
Avocado salad.
Vegetable juice.
Raw tomato, steamed broccoli with sriracha
Rice, egg white fried, eggplant, carrots, persimmon.
Berries and small apple.
Lemon water.

6. Poo at least once a day. Pee often. How? Eat more fiber (fruits and vegetables) & Drink more water.

7. Write it down or download an app like My Fitness Pal and observe what you eat in a normal week. Notice what you are missing, what you have an excess of. Of your current diet cut out the excess and reduce your portion sizes. 

8. Eat to satisfy nutrition, not emotion.

9. Portion control. Don't eat too much, too little.

10. Avoid anything too sweet, salty, oily.

11. Replace snacks with tall glass of water. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger.

12. Avoid eating out and have home cooked meals. Have fun with cooking. Look up recipes that interest you. Experiment and create your own.

13. Research. On food, nutrition, exercise, fitness, health - there is so much to learn. Having a better understanding will help you. 

14. Mouth jail. Retainers, white strips, brushing your teeth, chew gum, drinking water! Stop yourself from eating when you don't have to.

Stay committed! ♡ 


Tips for drinking more water

If  you find water too plain, you can add nice flavor with fruits like lemon, cucumber, berries, mint, etc.
Or you can opt for tea - which is really nice for this cold weather.

In addition to drinking more water, try incorporating more foods with high water content. This means fruits and vegetables. Plus these foods have tons of other nutritional benefits. As I mentioned in my previous post, high water content foods will help you feel more full and satisfied - perfect if you're looking to clean up your diet. Also fruits and veggies have lots of fiber so you'll be have smooth bowel movements :). 

 Invest in a water bottle. The upfront cost can be discouraging, but in the long run, those moments of paying a buck or two for every drink add up.Refilling your water bottle for free will save you money.

Make it an effort between you and your friends so you'll always be reminding each other and supporting each other! Making a note or alarm on your phone, or making a custom wall paper for your phone also helps.