Tips for drinking more water

If  you find water too plain, you can add nice flavor with fruits like lemon, cucumber, berries, mint, etc.
Or you can opt for tea - which is really nice for this cold weather.

In addition to drinking more water, try incorporating more foods with high water content. This means fruits and vegetables. Plus these foods have tons of other nutritional benefits. As I mentioned in my previous post, high water content foods will help you feel more full and satisfied - perfect if you're looking to clean up your diet. Also fruits and veggies have lots of fiber so you'll be have smooth bowel movements :). 

 Invest in a water bottle. The upfront cost can be discouraging, but in the long run, those moments of paying a buck or two for every drink add up.Refilling your water bottle for free will save you money.

Make it an effort between you and your friends so you'll always be reminding each other and supporting each other! Making a note or alarm on your phone, or making a custom wall paper for your phone also helps. 

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