Clean + Healthy Recipe

This is one of my go-to meals because it's really healthy, clean and sooo tasty!

You can pair this dish with your favourite carbs OR eat it as is for a low-carb option. The chicken breast and goat cheese means lots of protein. Feel free to play around with ingredient portions to fit your personal taste and fitness goals!

You'll need: 
- Cherry Tomatoes (Handful, chopped) 
- Goat Cheese (2 tablespoons) 
- Broccoli (Pre steamed, 1 cup, chopped) 
- Chicken Breast (1 cup, chopped) 
- Coconut Oil (1 teaspoon) 
- Diced Garlic (1 teaspoon) 
- Seasoning: Mrs Dash Chipotle Southwest (1 teaspoon / to taste)
- Stove and Pan 

I chop and steam my broccoli before hand, and keep a bunch in the refrigerator. I personally like this better so the broccoli is soft and is warmed up nicely on the pan. I also keep a small tub of diced garlic handy. 

0. Preheat stove and pan - don't throw ingredients into a cool pan. 
1. Medium Heat + Coconut Oil  + Chicken Breast + Lightly stir
2. Seasoning/Mrs Dash + Garlic  + Stir until chicken almost cooked 
3. Broccoli  + Stir until chicken cooked 
4. Transfer to plate - if you're feeling civilized 
5. Top with Cherry Tomatoes + Goat Cheese 

& Enjoy! :)  

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